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BS Contact 7.2

BS Contact 7.2: 3D software for visualization of 3D models in VRML, X3D and Collada software for visualization of 3D models in VRML, X3D and Collada – interactive and in realtime – BS Contact 7.2 enables the visualization of applications in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality through integration of interactive realtime 3D technology. The software is a stable and a high performance visualization software applicable for PCs, CD ROMs/DVDs, E-mails and the Internet/Intranet. VRML and X3D are certified ISO-Standard formats that

Power Engineer Visualization Component 4.0: electric power Engineering Visualization VC++ Source Code Solutions
Power Engineer Visualization Component 4.0

Visualization VC++ Source Code Solutions UCanCode Softwareis a world-class Power Engineering Solutions provider with an established reputation for customer responsiveness and technical expertise. Our solutions stand behind thousands of T&D projects in over 40 countries around the world. ucancode offers an extensive line of Power Engineering Software Visualization Component that feature some of the most advanced analysis tools for transmission, distribution

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NovoSpark Visualizer 1.2: Data visualization, qualitative analysis, and data mining software
NovoSpark Visualizer 1.2

NovoSpark Visualizer is an advanced, powerful and feature rich visualization program that enables qualitative analysis of multi-dimensional data on a graphical image. The product comes with a variety of image viewing options that helps you get the most representative view of your data. With NovoSpark Visualizer you will be able to visually compare individual observations and entire datasets, find data anomalies, and identify data clusters.

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HMI-SCADA Graphics Visualization 4.0: Graphics Libraries and SDK Tools for programmers and developers, VC++ Library
HMI-SCADA Graphics Visualization 4.0

UCanCode Software Inc. is a premier provider of Dynamic Graphics, Data Visualization, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Real-Time Mapping Solutions for software developers around the world. Its products are used to visualize and control real-time and mission-critical processes in a variety of industries, from producing silicon wafers and controlling chemical plants to launching satellites into space and monitoring airport security.

developers, graphics libraries, vc library, source code, sdk tools, programmers

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EleCat-Reader 5.0

software available. Clicking on an article number on a page opens article database details or order window Permanent update system over the Internet. EleCat comprises of a database and a page-type visualization for paper catalogs in electronic format and with bi-directional links between page components and database content. EleCat is in short: = database catalog data + dynamic page visualization + links between pages and database + application software

software, format, catalog, data, product, electronic, paper

AgendaSIC PRO 2014: Manage your contacts easily with AgendaSIC PRO
AgendaSIC PRO 2014

software. AgendaSIC PRO has a clean and modern interface, allowing the easy use of the software. The screens have been specifically developed to provide quick access to all functions of the software, enabling you to find, search and register contacts with few clicks. The categories, which can be registered in the software, provide a visualization with colors and can be used to view or print the contacts through groups. This software also allows you

contacts, suppliers, phonebook, customers, phones

Mathematics Virtual Lab, MVL 1: Visual Mathematics,  is a Math Visualizer to learn and teach more and better !!!
Mathematics Virtual Lab, MVL 1

Visual Mathematics is a highly interactive visualization software (containing 77+ modules) addressed to High school, College and University students. This is a very powerful tool that helps to learn and solve problems by the hundreds in a very short time. Visual Math is great help to the Math teacher. Visual Math, a member of the VirtualDynamics Math Virtual Lab, is an Intuitively-Easy-To-Use Math visualization software.

equations, visualization, parabola, analytic geometry, mathematics, triangle, geometry, arithmetic, line, university, circle, quadratic, angle

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